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What a fantastic night of fun, laughs, fellowship, love, and games.  The food was great along with a tasty cake and cupcakes.  Everyone had a great time.  

Here we have Mr. Kevin getting readfy to fulfill his part of the Bucket Challenge.

Vader on the loose
Here comes Heather to fight off the invasion of the ice water coming from the Force.

Look Out: Here comes Hairy!!
Crystal has gone incognito but the disguise did not help as the shower revealed her identity.

What a glorious time we had tonight in celebrating the birth of our Savior, wonderful fellowship, fantastic music, and a special visitor:  SANTA!!

The Christmas Program was a really enjoyable evening as we had music and Christmas stories.  Then afterwards we had sandwiches, cookies, and a visit by Santa in the fellowship hall.

Santa's Visit
Kids of all ages enjoyed their visit with Santa.  They got pictures taken along with getting a bag of treats.

Super Senior Dinner

Thanksgiving Gathering
What an outstanding time sharing a meal with family and friends.  Lambsong topped the night off with some great music.  Always a joyous time.

What a beautiful time we had at the hayride this year.  Really don't know who had more fun:  The adults or the kids.  Either way we had a great time and great fellowship among the folks here.  The hayride was very enjoyable for all, even the rain that snuck in couldn't spoil our fun.  Looking forward to next year!

Christmas Play-Santa-Social Gathering
What a wonderful evening of entertainment by the kids and adults that worked with them.  Music was outstanding, snacks were tasty, and Santa was there.  Kids of all ages had a fantastic time with Santa.

Decorated for Christmas
What a wonderful job done by the members of the church.  So beautiful.  

YARD PROJECT 10-22/29-2016
This project was completed over two Saturdays (brick and gravel laying) and a week day of cleaning areas out by the following Larkin Family members: Will (Supervisor), Bro Paul, Jimmy, Ben, and Stan.  Enjoy the pictures and look over the new look.

HAYRIDE 10/01/2016
Hi Everyone,
This was my first hayride and it was so much fun.  Yws, we had rain and it got a little on the cool side but I learned so much.  Today was a day of love, fun, fellowship, and being with the ones we love.  I learned that rain is nothing but liquid sunshine,   Thanks Mom!!!

Larkins' New Pastor
July 17, 2016 is the day that Brother Paul Gatewood became Pastor Paul Gatewood.  It was a day of pure joy, love, compassion, and faith.  

New Larkin Members
July 10, 2016 is a day that will always be remembered for the members of this wonderful as 16 people became members of the Larkin family.  Outstanding!!!  Left to right--front roll: Angela Haynes, Brody Heichelbach, Beverly Erwin, David Erwin, Pam Alvey, Billy Alvey, Tammy Williams, Alleah Frank.  Middle roll:  Philamena Decker, Roxie Decker, Aaliyah Wilkinson.  Back Roll:  Brianna Midkiff, Lou Ann Garmon, Justin Haynes, Linda Steen, Danny Steen.angelangelangel

Southern Tradition
A very pleasant evening of sharing a meal and enjoying music with family, friends, and wonderful guess.

Vacation Bible School
Now, doesn't this picture make all the hard work worth it?  Great job David & Dana along with all the others who gave of their time to make this a success.angelangelangel

Relay For Life--2016
Another year has come and gone, but the fight against cancer continues.

Bro. Paul Gatewood
Happy 65th--We love ya!!!

With this baptism you are united to Christ.

LBC Yard Sale
The LBC yard sale raised a nice chunk of change for the shoe box drive.  What a wonderful group of people that helped get this completed.

What a wonderful time one and all hadcheekycheekycheeky

Lots of children around the world are going to be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!!  Thank you for the donations and help at yard sale, each of you made this happen.cheekycheekyheartheart

Thanksgiving Get Together!!!

Christmas Play.
What a night of joy as many come together to act out the birth of our Lord.

Christmas Fellowship
What a beautiful time of year as we all share the joy of the birth of Jesus Christ along with love and freindship of one another.

The picture says it all.  Love ya all!!!

Good Friday Fellowship
What a wonderful and blessed time with family, friends, and neighbors.

Calvary Heirs
Fantastic night of music and sharing.

New Member
Welcome Brother Alan to the Larkin Family.

New Member
Welcome to the Larkin family Carol.

What a day as four beautiful people stepped into the cold water accepting Jesus as their savior.